What Is The Difference Between 'I WANT 'and 'I NEED'?


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Want and Need are two words that are not easily differentiated. Nevertheless, there is a difference.
WANT- a wish, a desire. For example, one can say I want a pay rise, She wants to go to Italy, They want a bigger house.
NEED- a necessity, to require something that is important and useful. Example, I need to visit the hospital , I need to get some sleep.
Now spot out the difference in these sentences,
I want to visit the hospital and I need to visit the hospital. The latter simply means that he/she is sick and it becomes neceaary that he/she visits the hospital. The former could mean so many things. Either he/she wants to visit a patient as a Doctor or he/she just wants to visit a sick frriend.
Conclusively, want should be used when what is required is not of necessity and of great impormance. While Need connotes importance and necessity and thus should be used in such circumstances. For more clarification, get 21st century Chambers Dictionary
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A NEED is what you must have to live, a WANT is what you wish to have, but you don't NEED it.
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Want is not necessary, to need something it is something that is necessary.....the best to you
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I WANT blood sucking leeches to suck at my rotting, infected wound.
I NEED blood sucking leeches to suck at my rotting, infected wound.
You decide.
Something you WANT, you don't necessarily NEED.
Something you NEED, you don't necessarily WANT.
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'I WANT' and 'I NEED' are actually very similar. 'I NEED' is a strong rhetorical form of 'I WANT', but in essence they are exactly the same. 'I NEED' is used ideally for those times when you WANT something so that you will not die. As is often the case, it has been used by sloppy-thinkers and those who would use the strength of the word to manipulate others to refer to all manner of base and carnal desires, such as 'I NEED a red car daddy!'
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In my opinion, in life you only NEED three things; Food, Clothing and Shelter. The basics of those three things is all everyone truly NEEDS, Everything else after those three basics have been met have now become WANTS.To WANT to strive for higher standards for said basic NEEDS or any other creature comforts in life, is a great motivation for bettering our own personal lives, as well as the lives of others around us and in the world in it's entirety.
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I Want is a Wish & I Need is a Necessity

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