What Is Telepathy?


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Telepathy is a theory or in other words we can say that it is a phenomenon by which you communicate with other person, telepathy is the name of communication between two minds. It can be in the form of sharing their feelings, emotions thoughts or images. In some societies it is considered as an art of human faculty while in some higher societies it is considered as psychic phenomenon. However telepathy is still not proven but the demand or people interest in it is increasing tremendously.

The word telepathy is basically derived from the Greek which means distant feelings or occurrence. Telepathy consists of two words" tele "means distinct and "pathy" means feelings or thoughts. The previous name of the telepathy was "thought transfer" and thought reading. Research about telepathy was started in 1984 by Fredrick who was the founder of society for physical research. Then other society was formed in 1985 after the society for physical research then telepathy was recognized as special phenomenon. They performed a test in which a sender in one room tries to send two digits or any image to the receiver in the other room.
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Telepathy is a mode of communication between two mind ie,if you have a real love with a person and if that person love you too,you can communicate with him through a mind for example if two persons(boy and girl) loved each other truly if they meeting at one place one can understand other present feeling what he or she without having any physical communication(talking).and also one can talk with other through minds even.
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Telepathy is defined as "the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas otherwise than through the known senses." Basically, if you could think of something - say, a colour - and I could get the same thought without your saying anything out loud, and we managed to do this with lots of different thoughts -too many for coincidence - that would probably be regarded as telepathy. The word cames from the Greek tele "far off" and pathos, "suffering or feeling." So telepathy means feeling from far away.

As with ghosts, you get a lot of people claiming to have experienced or practised telepathy, but there is much debate over whether this ability really exists. There have been odd cases, especially involving identical twins who do sometimes seem to show an ability to communicate without words; and there is one theory that we were more telepathic at an earlier stage of our development. However, hard evidence is difficult to find; and if telepathy does exist, we are still a long way from finding out how it works.
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Definition: The transference of thoughts or feelings two or more subjects through Psi (Para psychological phenomena).
The word comes from the Greek tale and pathos, means "far off feeling." So telepathy means feeling from far away.

It would have happened 2 you you, which a song is going in your mind and someone else suddenly plays or sing the same song. These kinds of incidences often occur with us but we neglect those saying coincidences but they may not be the coincidence that's what telepathy is you can feel it that you often share thoughts and ideas in your negligence you can experience telepathy in your regular life also.

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Telepathy, from the Greek τελε, tele meaning "remote" and πάθεια, pathetic meaning "to be affected by". It describes the purported transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five classical senses

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