What Does The Name Azriel Mean?


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The name Azriel is of Jewish origin. It is the name of the angel of death who separates the body from the soul as mentioned in the Quran. Its meaning is "God Helps" in Hebrew. It is derived from the words "azar" meaning help and "el" meaning God. It is a very rare male first name in Israel. It simply refers to god being an aid to mankind. Its usage is generally biblical.

According to the Bible, Azriel is the father of Seraiah and is the leading member of the tribe Manasseh. In the Old Testament, it is the name of three minor characters. Azreil was a Jewish mystic as well as a medieval author and was based in the Spanish town of Gerona which is north of the famous town Barcelona. It is also the name of a metal core musical band from Glasgow. Azriel has two variant forms such as Azyrel and Azreel.
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Azriel is the Latin transcription of the Hebrew name "עֲזְרִיאֵל" which
means "Help of God".

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