I Was Diagnosed With Galacttorhea, Breast Milk Non-pregnant. The MRI Showed A Normal Pituitary Gland But Deviated By A 3mmx4mm Intracellular Cyst. What Does This Mean?


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The milk in ladies is produced by breast under the influence of prolectin hormone. This hormone is secreted by lacto tropic cells of anterior pituitary gland. During lactation, prolectin levels are high causing milk production. The normal levels of prolectin are 5-20 ngm. If the prolectin level increases these levels, the problem is called hyperprolectinemia. This causes milk production at wrong time (galactorrhea) and also causes infertility and cycle irregularities. One of the reasons of the hyperprolectinemia is tumor in anterior pituitary gland. You are having a tumor in this part causing galctorrhea. You can treat galactorrhea by prolectin inhibitors like lisuride and bromocripton but can not treat tumor. Consult surgeon for tumor treatment.
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great info......BUT the MRI showed no tumor, can it be hidden inside the pituitary gland and the MRI not see it? and what is the cyst? because is is pressing on the pit., can it be causeing it? thx for info, write back.....

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