What Does The Name Walsh Mean?


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The boy's name Walsh is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "Welsh" and "Wales". Also related to Wallace. Walsh is a very rare male first name and a very popular surname. The name Welsh originated in Wales and it was brought to Ireland by Normans. The variants of Walsh surname includes "Walshe", "Welsh", "Brannagh" and "Breathnach". In United States Walsh ranked ranked 325 out of 88,799 and in England, Walsh ranked 105 out of 500.
A famous name with surname Walsh is "Kate Walsh". Kate Walsh is name of famous American Actress. Kate Walsh was also name of (late) Irish Politician and There was also a British singer with name Kate Walsh.
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The word Walsh is of old English origin and the meaning that you can figure out from the use of the word is 'Welsh'. The word is not the only one as the variant of the word 'Welsh' and you can find some other words also that are the variants of the word Welsh; the other variant is Wallace.

The word 'Walsh' is seldom being used as a first name but almost every time it is used by a person as his or her surname. There are some towering personalities in the world who are the bearers of this surname; the former West Indian cricketer Courtney Walsh is among the most famous bearers of this word as a surname.

The other variant 'Wallace' is also very famous surname and the most famous bearer of the surname is the author Irwin Wallace.

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