What Are The Characteristics Of Images Formed By A Plane Mirror?


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The characteristics of the image

1. The image is located behind the mirror.
2. The image is virtual.
3. The image is the same size as the object.
4. The image is upright, with the same attitude as the object.
5. The image undergoes a lateral inversion in relation to the object.
6. The image is situated at the same distance from the mirror as the object.
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Katie Harry answered
The image formed by a plane mirror is the replica of the actual object. However, the image will be the virtual image which is formed where the light does not actually reach. Image formed by a plane mirror shows a left-right reversal which means that left side of the object appears as the right side in the mirror. The object distance and the image distance are equal in the plane mirror. Another significant feature of image formed by plane mirror is that it has the same dimensions as the actual object has. Moreover, plane mirrors form the image which has magnification equal to 1. Therefore, image formed by a plan mirror us virtual, left-right reversed, upright and equal in size.

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