What Does The Name Pate Mean?


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Pate is rich forcemeat of meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables, baked in pastry or in a mold or dish. It is a French term that means elegant and refers to well seasoned ground meat preparations. It is in the form of a paste or spread and can be of various textures from smooth to coarse. It is spread on bread or crackers or can be stuffed inside chicken. It is an appetiser or a starter. Nowadays vegetarian variants of pate also exist. Pate is always served cold.

Terrine is also a name for pate. The crust of pate was originally intended to be eaten and was made for the purpose of holding the pate together. Initially pat‚ referred to a filled pastry much like American or English pies. Pate' de foyer gras is one of the most well liked pate delicacy which is made of imported goose liver paste containing chopped truffles.
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The word "Pate" comes from the Old English word that refers to the uppermost part of the body. It is a word referring to the head or alternately to the mind or the brain. As a name however the word Pate is believed to be derived from the name Patrick. Pate was also spelt in several different ways including Pate, Pat, Patt, Pait etc.

Pate can refer to a number of other things as well. Pate is the name of an island in Kenya. Pate is also the name that refers to a type of meat preparation made with a meat paste, a pie or a terrine. Pates are generally used as starters before a meal. Pate is also the name of a film from Agineszka Wojitowicz-Vosloo.

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