What Does The Name Nikolai Mean?


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Nikolai is a male name with polish origins. It is also considered as a form of Nicholas. It means victorious. It is used as both a first name and a surname though it is rare as a first name but very common and popular as a surname. Many also credit this name with Greek origins and is a word that means popular. It is a very popular name in Bulgaria and other Slavic nations. It is pronounced as Nee-co-lai.

A famous person bearing this name is Nicolai Andreyevich, a Russian composer influenced by traditional folk music. He was better known as Rimsky-Korsakov. Another well known person was Nicolai Ivanovich Bukharin- a Russian Bolshevik communist leader and economist. He was a member of politburo and a prominent leader of Comintern but was wrongly accused of being a counter revolutionary and was executed in the year 1938.
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Nikolai is a boy's name. It is a variant of the name Nicholas, which means victorious people.

The very famous emperors of Russia hold this very name. First is Nicholas I of Russia or also Nikolay I who reigned from 1825 until 1855. His successor was Nicholas II of Russia or also known as Nikolay II, who was the last emperor of Russia. This name also stands for the Prince of Denmark. It also refers to a name of a place or a town that is situated in Alaska, United States.

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