What Does The Name Atish Mean?


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The name Atish is of Persian origin. It means fire and as a name can also take on the meaning of splendour. It is different from the Iranian word "artesh" that refers to the regular military. In Persian it is used in everyday usage to mean fire, fire brigades are called "atish nishani" or "sign of fire", Zoroastrians who originated in Iran are referred to as "Atish Parast" or "Fire Worshipers". Atish was also adopted by Urdu in India and Pakistan and is seen used as far away in Bangladesh as well. As an everyday word it can be found used in the Persian speaking countries of Iran, Afghanistan (north), Azerbaijan and some CIS countries.

In some cases it is used as a name as well and it is probably given to boys. In Iran itself it is rarely if ever used to name children.
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I don't think I can answer this in 150 words. Anyway, atish means Explosive or fireworks, a Dynamic person.
It is also the other name of Lord Ganesha. This name originated from Persia.

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