What Does The Name Hoyle Mean?


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Hoyle is a last name. I could not find a meaning to the name Hoyle but it has a Welsh origin. Another variation of this name is Hoile. The first time the surname was used, was in Monmouthshire well before 1066 AD. The first settlers of this Welsh name in the US were Jeremiah Hoyle who settled in Virginia in 1638. The first girl with this surname who settled in Barbados was Elizabeth Hoyle in 1663. Edmond Hoyle (1672-1769) was the British writer who excelled in writing about games. People with the surname 'Hoyle' are usually identifiable by their qualities of valour, dignified demeanour and sensitive nature.
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Hoyle refers to the name of a village, which is also known as Heyshott. This village is basically situated around 3 miles south of Midhurst in West Sussex. Heyshott is also very well known for its every year "Harvesting the Old Fashioned Way" festival. This festival takes place every September. It takes place in order to celebrate the history of agriculture of the village. The most attractive part of this event is its bonfire and also the firework displays.

Some of the notable residents of this village are Richard Cobden and Harold James Ruthven Murray.
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another possible meaning is one relating to the north of England where people lived close to hollows or the extensive cave networks in some areas.
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How about the alternative option the name being from the north of England and relating to hollows or holes in the ground, there are read with extensive cave networks in the north.
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The jewish origin of Moyle would fit, assuming that Hoyle comes from Moyle.

A Moyle (anglicized) is a jew who performs circumcision. See

See the T-shirt with the "Moyle reference here..

"Kosher Cuts -
Jewish Humor shirts for the moyle or those who just have a weird taste for funny Tees."

A web search show that Moyle is used by them (along with Hoyle).

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