What Does The Name Clyde Mean?


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The name Clyde is generally used a masculine name. It has its origin in Scottish. It is generally pronounced as Klyd. The name was taken form the River Clyde that is Scotland. It flows through the region of Glasgow. This name became famous after the Hollywood film 'Bonnie and Clyde'. Clydell, Clyve, Glade, Cloyd, Clete, Clodo and Claude are some of the variants for the name Clyde. Clyde is prestigious name. It does not have any specific meaning.

This name is also used as a last name. It has a Scottish origin. Clide is one of the variants of Clyde. The first users of this last name were found in Ayrshire in Scotland. Later, some of these people settled in Newfoundland, Maine, Virginia and Carolina.
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