Why Does Duct Mean To Lead?


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The reason why the word duct means to lead has probably something to do with the origin of the word. It is derived from the Latin word "ductus" which actually meant "act of leading" and was from the word "ducere" meaning to lead. The word is used in the English language these days to refer to an enclosed channel or passage way used to convey or move some substance. It can also be used to refer to an anatomical feature found in the human body through which some form of glandular secretion is removed. A pipe or tube through which wires or electrical cables passes. It can also be used as a verb when referring to something as being passed or channelled through a duct.
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The word duct comes from the Latin ductus, which means "leading." (Ducere in Latin is the verb "to lead.") So in English any noun containing the word duct or verb containing duce will have some connection with leading.

A duct is a channel or tube for conveying fluid (leading it along, in other words) eg in the body we have tear-ducts and a bile-duct. The adjective ductile means easily moulded or , when applied to metals, drawn into wire. An aqueduct is a bridge to allow water to be conveyed across a valley area; a via duct is a bridge that carries a road across a valley.

The verb to educate, from the Latin educere, literally means "to lead out." To induct means literally "to lead in" (to a new job, routine etc.)
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Duct means duct. Simple is that

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