What Does The Name Adair Mean?


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Adair is also Gaelic for "oak tree ford"
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The name Adair is generally used as a masculine name. It can also be used as a feminine name. It has its origin in a Scottish surname. This surname was derived from a first name Edgar. Edgar means blessed spear. Thus, Adair indicates wealthy spear or blessed spear. It is also thought to be of Old German in origin. It is pronounced as a-DARE. Adaire, Adar, Alair, Adare and Adayre are the variants of the name Adaire.

According to the census conducted in United States of America in 1990, Adair is not well-known as a male first name. Adair is popular as a surname. It can be written as Odeir, Edzear, Edgar, and Adare. This surname originated in Galloway of South west Scotland.

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