What Does Enteric Mean?


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Enteric is a term that is usually used in association with the intestine. The intestine is a tube shaped structure that is part of the digestive tract. Enteric has originated from intestines, and is particularly applied to bacteria and wastes.    Enteric is a term concerning the human intestines, and so are the other modified terms containing 'enteric' in them. 'Enteritis' refers to the inflammation of the intestines. Gastroenteritis is the name of the disease which is characterized by inflammation of the intestines that is caused due to something eaten or drunk which does not suit the patient. (Gastro is the word that signifies the stomach).    Looking at the origin of the word, Enteric comes from the Greek words 'entera' which means 'bowel' and 'ikos', meaning 'pertaining to'. The combination of the two, i.e. Enteric, refers to 'pertaining to the bowel'.

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