What Does ''Kundi'' Mean In Tamil?


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Answers are slightly mixed on this question, but I have found two suggested translations for the word "kundi" in the Tamil language. The first is that it translates to mean "back" or "backside". The second is that "kundi" translates directly to mean "hook" and is used when referring to the practice of illegally stealing electricity.

The first apparent translation is that the word "kundi" refers to a person's back or backside. It has been suggested that the word has been adapted into slang language to refer to a person's backside.

The other sources I have come across states "kundi" is the practice of stealing electricity from somebody else's meter illegally.  This has derived from "kundi" being a term when referring to the English word "hook". In the older days of this stealing of electricity, the wire that was connected to a person's electricity meter would be fashioned in the shape of a hook.

Nevertheless, as the technology and security of electricity meters has advanced, this method is no longer a practical one for the people who commit this crime. However, the term has remained the valid way to refer to the practice of this illegal activity. 

The Tamil language is largely spoken in areas of India and is a Dravidian language. It is also the official language of Sri Lanka and Singapore. Other minorities in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America also speak the language. There are a proposed 65,675,200 people who speak the language of Tamil in the world.

A southern province of India, known as Tamil Nadu, uses Tamil as its primary language. It is apparent that Sri Lanka has adapted this language due to its close proximity to Tamil Nadu.
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Kundi means butt ! :)
(no seriously I go to like an all tamil school so I should know.)
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Kundi is the meaning from back

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