What Does The Name Caesar Mean?


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Julius was named after the month he was born=July. Caesar is another name for Emperor/King/Kaiser so quite an important person irrespective of what Historyfrk thinks.
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Cesar is the Spanish variant of the title Caesar. The Caesar's were the Emperors of Rome Caesar means hairy in Latin. This is probably because the lulii Caesares a special branch of gens lulia were famous for having fine hair on them. Caesar changed from being a family name to the emperor's title in 68/69 which is called 'Year of four Emperors'.

Cesar is a popular name for baby boys. A survey conducted in 1990 in the USA ranked it 353 out of 1219 popular names for males. Cesar is also a common surname.

There is also a Cesar department in Columbia, a French film awards ceremony called Cesars, and there is also a variety of grapes from France called Cesar grapes. Cesar Milan is the famous 'dog whisperer' who as helped dogs overcome certain psychological problems.
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The answers above are incorrect. As far as I know, July is derived from Julius and Caesar (Keizer/Emperor) became a sort of title after Julius Caesar's death, to honor him (and to give the people the idea the new emperor was as cunning as the old Caesar). Not the other way around.
Julius may come from iulus, which comes from the Greek word ioulus and that means 'soft-haired' or 'downy-cheeked'. Iulus may also come from the city Ilium, the citadel of Troy.
Caesar might come from (caesaries) hair (the Roman had quite the sense of humour), (caesius) a blueish eye colour, (caesum) 'cut out', wich refers to the Caesarean section which was used to deliver the first Caesar (from the clan, not the emperor) or (caesai) a Moorish/Punic word for elephant.
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Cesar means king like Julius cesar
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Julius means July and Ceaser means to take. So it means; Take the summer off.
Sorry....I couldn't resist!!! Lol.
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Its just a name it has no in depth meaning
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Caesar is a masculine name. It has its origin Ancient Rome and English. It is pronounced as SEE-zar. The name Ceasar probably meant 'hairy' and is taken from the Latin word caesaries. Caesar was the name of two Roman Emperors –Julius Caesar and his son Julius Caesar Octavianus (Augautus). Many Emperors after them used Caesar as a title for their names.

Father of Julius Caesar was Gaius Julius Caesar. He founded the Roman Empire from the old Roman Republic. He was the first Roman invader of Britain. Britain was invaded in 55 BC. He was married to three women in his life. He also had relationship with Cleopatra VII. Later, Caesar was considered dictator as he had a heavily centralized bureaucracy. Thus, he was assassinated by a friend, Marcus Junius Brutus.

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