Why Do We Use A Dictionary?


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We use dictionaries as a reference material for words, jargon and lexicon which is compiled usually by lexicographers with their meanings and pronunciations with phonetic markers. Dictionaries usually incorporate all the connotations and words in various context and categorizing them with respect to their appropriate usage and the parts of speech that they are related to, like whether they are verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs etc. Usually a word can have several different meanings with respect to the context they are usually spoken in. However, dictionaries in common usage tend to present the words very formally and very rarely account for their cultural connotations or identify and define verbal colloquial.
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A dictionary is a list that contains words and their corresponding definitions. It may also contain characters and their corresponding glyphs. If the dictionary is for a particular language it will contain a list of words and their corresponding meanings in that other language. It is not possible for a normal human being to remember the entire thesaurus of a language let alone all languages. Hence dictionaries are basically used as a kind of reference to look up the meanings of words one comes either in conversation or text. A dictionary can also be used as a spell check for those with weak spelling.

A dictionary is one of the basic tools necessary to master and learn any language. The OED or the Oxford English Dictionary is perhaps the oldest and most comprehensive dictionary of the English language.
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To find the meaning of a word.
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We use dictionary to communicate with people from other countries and cultures. Also it helps to know how to spell the word and who it written.
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To make sandwiches! Lol

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