What Does The Name Anson Mean?


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The name 'Anson' is an English name for a male. It is derived from a last name which means 'son of Agnes'.

The name 'Agnes' however, refers to a female name in many languages, including English, German, Dutch as well as Scandinavian. It is basically a Latinised version of the Greek name Hagne, which in turn is modified from Hagnos, also of Greek origin, which means chaste.

Saint Agnes was the name of a virgin who was martyred under the Roman Emperor Diocletian. The name started being linked with the Latin word for lamb, 'agnus', which led to the common portrayal of the saint with a lamb beside her.

Anson is also the name of a CDP (census-designated place) located in Somerset County in Maine, in the United States of America. At the time of the 2000 population census, it housed around 818 inhabitants.
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Anson is old german, not english. My middle name is anson and it was my papas first name, he was born in germany with german parents and grandparents.

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