What Does The Name Ridley Mean?


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The name Ridley is a common masculine first name. It is a popular English masculine first name. It is pronounced Rid-lee. The name Ridley is made up of two syllables, namely the syllable Rid and the syllable lee. More emphasis is put on the first of the two syllables that make up the name Ridley, namely the syllable Rid.

The name Ridley has originally been derived from the name of a place which literally means reed clearing, cleared wood or reed meadow in Old English. The most famous bearer of this name is the American film director Ridley Scott.
The word ridley is defined as a species of marine turtles which is scientifically known as Lepidochelys kempii, which is native to the Gulf of Mexico and the coastal waters of the Atlantic waters. It is also known as the Kemp's ridley.

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