What Does The Name Ricardo Mean?


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For me the ricardo"s name describe a person that always like to be really optimist, hopeful, that like to share with other people what he thought,is a person that has inside many feelings, thoughts,and that maybe sometimes feels a little alone
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The name Ricardo is a common masculine first name. It is a popular Spanish and Portuguese masculine first name. It is pronounced ree-Kahr-do in Spanish. The name Ricardo is made up of three syllables, namely the syllable ree, the syllable Kahr and the syllable do. More emphasis is put on the second of the three syllables that make up the name Ricardo, which is the middle syllable, namely the syllable Kahr.

The name Ricardo is defined as the Spanish and Portuguese form of the common English masculine first name Richard. In the United States of America, the first name Ricardo was ranked 157th out of a total of the top 1, 000 masculine first names in the year 2005 and 143rd out of a total of the top 1, 000 masculine first names in the year 2004. In other words, the first name Ricardo is the 157th masculine first name in terms of popularity in the United States of America.

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