What Does The Name "Theresa" Means?


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The girls' first name Theresa is Greek in origin and it means 'of late summer'. The name may have originated on the Greek Island of Theresia. Theresa is a popular Catholic name and is the name of two saints.

It is also the first name of the great humanitarian, mother Theresa, who did so much to help the poor and starving of Calcutta in India in the mid to late 20th century.
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Theresa is a first name for females. It is very common and popular name. It is a name with Greek origins and it means "late summer". It was initially a name for a place known as Therasia which was a Greek island. Over the years it was modified and now it is a first name for women. It is pronounced as the-REE-sah or ter-REE-sah. It is also a very common surname.

A famous personality known by this name is Mother Teresa, a world famous Indian nun and missionary. She was born to Albanian parents but spent a considerable part of her life in India and dedicated it to the service of the poor. She is popularly known as Mother Teresa. She left her homeland at 18 and since then lived in Calcutta and her humanitarian works are held in great esteem. She was awarded several national and international Magsaysay award for peace and understanding, Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, the Templeton Prize in 1973, the highest civilian award in India and so on.
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My middle name is therese!!!!! And my first name is caroline which means song of joy/happiness, beautiful and strong, and comes from french, greek or ITALIAN! I LOVE ITALY!

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