What Does The Letter 'Gamma' Mean?


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Gamma is the third alphabet in the Greek language. It has a value of three as per the system of Greek numerals. It is written or denoted by uppercase Γ, lowercase γ. It has its origin in the Phoenician language and is derived from the letter Gimel. The Roman C and G originated from Gamma. It has connotations as a variable in mathematics and physics. Specific means are possessed by Gamma in particular areas. It is also the measure of the contrast of the negative and the symbol of this representation is g. it is the slope of straight line portion of the curve. The first two letters of the Greek alphabets are alpha and beta. Gamma is used in logarithms and algorithms.
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The letter 'gamma' is the third letter of the Greek language and the word can be represented by the symbol γ and it can be used for various things. Most of the things that the letter represents are considered as third in their respective field. The letter can represent the consonant sound that is produced by this very letter and also you can use the term for something which stands third in a series of some items. When you are using the letter in Astronomy it represents a star that is considered as the third brightest in a constellation.

The symbol can also be used to represent a unit of weight that is equal to one microgram. When you are in Britain the word is used to represent a grade for a student who is the third of the three scholastic sections that can be found in a class.

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