Is this a mean, racial, ugly slur or a positive statement? Direct at someone of Jewish Descent. "Hitler, didn't do a good job".


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Mean is an understatement!  My grandfather told the family to go with him to America.  They didn't react quick enough, they were captured, and either worked to death or were given a group shower why, because they were Jews!  I Find IT hard To believe that People deny this atrocity happened. 

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Thank you! I've been off line, well hit and miss of late. Not feeling so sparky due to change of seasons It happens twice a year, kind of Gods way of telling you what still works, what doesn't. If it works it hurts, if it doesn't hurt, it no longer works! Kind of ironic a way! Been reading a lot of articles on what I have, most say stay somewhat active, it will hurt less. I could have told them that years ago! Well, better start my house husband duties of the day
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Even if I was not born Jewish, I'd rip his head off and pi$$ down his throat.

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I can give you an actual instance of that happening in Australia and the consequences.

A friend said her Jewish mother in law, who spoke with a strong Yiddish accent, was queued at the supermarket when a man tried to push in at the top, demanding to be served first. She recognised his accent and said, "You are German."

And as soon as she spoke he recognised hers. "And you are a Jew."

"What of it?"

And he came up with your question, almost word for word. "Hitler didn't go far enough. He should have exterminated all of you.:

Biiiig mistake.

She was queued near a display stand of tinned vegetables. The first can hit him on the forehead and she pelted the others after him as he ran, to the applause of the other customers.

I wish Hippy had been there to add the sauce.

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Someone needs to have her tongue ripped out!

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Naw! I'd take her/him to the museum, and make her go through every thing the inmates did, live on their rations, sleep where they slept, take part in surgery without antistetic, perform hard labor, lots of hard labor! Then ask if her opinion has changed. If it has, success, if not, then cut her tongue out!
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Lol! I LIKE the way you think!
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Pretty rude to even mention Hitler to a Jewish person ! Pretty crude if you ask me !

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Yes ma'am !
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I have learned over the years that you never enter into a verbal joust with an obviously unarmed person, in this case the renter. You will never win, they don't listen to logic, nor reason and will attempt to drag you down to their level of STUPID!
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Great point you have there Mr.Reiredkop!

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