Is there a site where I can get French lyrics transcribed and translated into English?


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Jaimie JT answered

No ....and if someone tells you "google translate"  it puts all the words all out of order and it's dumb.

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Here's a site that will do that for you:

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N. Harmonik
N. Harmonik commented
Half the songs here:
I've looked everywhere for the lyrics but no dice so I've had to transcribe them myself but my grasp of French is basic at best. Hmm, given how difficult it was to find this site, maybe I should upload the songs on YouTube, if only temporarily.
Jaimie  JT
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I can't hit that link cos it's going of the side of my page on mobile :) can you tell me the title of the song ... I will try and help
N. Harmonik
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Gaga des Gags d'Oggy, Matez le Matou, Jack le Pote, Oggy Rossini, Dans l'Œil du Chat, Pussycat, Oggy le Chat Chou, Le Ragga d'Oggy, Oggy Never Falls in Love
I hope it's not too much.

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