What Is Philharmonic?


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Philharmonic is a term that denotes composing or characteristic of an orchestral group. This word was used for the first time in London during 1813. This word was used as a name for an organization known as the Philharmonic society. Actually there is no such thing as philharmonics. This word directly translates as music lover. Therefore there is no actual difference between a symphonic and a philharmonic orchestra.

This word was taken from the French word 'philharmonoque' though many also claim that this word has Greek origins. The first philharmonic orchestra was formed in London in 1895. Today there are many philharmonic orchestras in many places of the world like New York, Brooklyn, Las Vegas and Vienna. Thus the word philharmonic is just a term that was used as a novel name in the early 19th century and just means being fond of music.
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"Phil" comes from Greek, meaning "friend of", "adicted to"; "harmonic" also comes from Greek, meaning "well combined", "concordant", "euphonious", "pleasing", "tuneful"; thus "phil+harmonic" originally meant "containing nice sounds [or other well accepted elements]". A philharmonic orchestra nowadays means a group of music 'playmasters' supported financially by a group of people or by an entity such as an enterprise or some of them that help those 'workers' for them to play good, pleasant, excellent music for delighting, gratifying those helpers and others.

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