How much Japanese do you know?


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Not a lot.

I know that although chotomate kudasai  is a very polite way to ask somebody to wait a moment, choto-bloody-mate works just as well. And it's faster.

I know that if you can't pronounce do itashimashite, "don't touch my ashtray" will get the message across.  And "Monday night" is a fair substitute for mondai nai, which means "no problem".

And I know that if you can't be bothered with the whole rigmarole that follows O genki desuka? You can get away with saying "Pretty genki, thanks."

And I figure that, while yosh is the Japanese word for "OK", yoshi doshi  must be close enough for  "okey dokey". 

And I know that the closest you can get to my name in Nihon-go is Ebanzu, which sounds surprisingly like "Evans". (The final 'u' is silent.)

But of course, I'm only a gai jin so I'm scarcely an authority. >:-/

Of course, that's all written in Romaji. I wouldn't have a clue how to write it in Hiragana or Katakana, much less Kanji.

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Yoshi is a fairly common male name in Japan. I think the -ko suffix means "child of" and is fairly common in female names. She wouldn't mind either way. :)
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I've learnt it since grade 5, but I'm not close to fluent.  I can read and write all hiragana and katakana, and I can recognise about 30 kanji.  I know a LOT of verbs, and basic sentence structures.  My friend can speak fluent Japanese, as she lived there until she was 12, and she speaks it at home.

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Tora tora tora ,

That's it .

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Yep ! Just played Pearl Harbor on the PC the other day ! I got a bunch of my fighters in the air though ! No match for the Zero but great against the dive bombers and torpedo planes !
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Platoon and full metal jacket
Are my other few favs
N Forrest Gump-
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Each has a little truth in them but the rest is just fiction.
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I wish I knew the Japanese language. I didn't learn it in school and now I need to translate letters and documents from our business partners. So, I work with the translation services I should say, it is very convenient. Maybe I'll try studying Japanese, but I know that this is a complicated language and I'll need much time and effort to succeed.

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