What Does Shelled Mean?


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Shelled means that the thing is protected by something, preferably a shell
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The word "shelled" is the past tense verb form of the word shell and refers to the shells of something being removed. It also refers to the removing of the kernels of corn and separating them from the cob. Shelled also refers to the bombarding of some target using shells. It is a common term used in reference to artillery in the form of howitzers and mortars. Shelled can also refer to having been or having defeated in a decisive manner. Shelled is also a word found used in the terminology of the sport of baseball and there it refers to the batsmen who successfully hits with gusto the pitches fielded by a pitcher.

The word "shelled" is another form of the word shell and so can be traced to the Middle English derived from the Old English word "scell".

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