What Does Profession Mean?


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A profession simply put means an activity that you do on a daily basis in order to earn your livelihood and make money to sustain yourself. It can also be stated as a vocation, as an area of expertise that you have taken your time to better yourself at over a period of several years. Some common examples of professions are Doctors, Engineers, pilots, scientists, construction workers, engineers, nurses, salesmen, writers, artists, etc. Being of one certain profession means that it is your domain, it may overlap with other professions but by no means indicates that it can be both. A doctor may not be an engineer unless he has devoted himself to the number of years required in that area of interest and vice versa. However, some people may be polymath and can handle many different professions simultaneously.
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Profession means specialisation in particular field or an occupation. Being specialised in something on a commercial basis. for e.g.. Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Mechanic, Chef, Pilot, Teacher etc.
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A profession basically is an occupation, which necessitates widespread training along with the study and mastery of specific information, and generally has a professional association, ethical code and the procedure of certification or licensing.

According to history originally there were only three professions, which are ministry, medicine and law. All these three professions abide by a particular code of ethics, and professionals from these three fields are generally required to take some kind of oath to sustain those ethics. Each and every individual from these professions also offers and requires wide spread preparation in the denotation, value, and significance of its particular oath in the practice of that profession.

Sociologists have been famous for defining professionalism as self-defined power elitism or as prearranged individuality along guild lines.

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