What Does Evaporation Mean?


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Evaporating is the continuous tense of the verb evaporate. The verb evaporate has its origin in the Latin and is taken from the word ēvapōrāre or ēvapōrāt. It is formed of ē-, ex-, ex- and vapor. The ē-, ex-, ex- of the word ēvapōrāt means out, out of, away, from and vapor means steam. It was later adapted in to Middle English as evapoarten.

If a liquid is evaporating or something else is evaporating then, it is changing into a gaseous substance. For example: the last drops of water were evaporating and there remained only charred sugar in the dish. The depositing (a metal) on a substrate using the method of vacuum sublimation is also termed evaporating the metal. When something is evaporating vapours are produced. Figuratively, if a feeling evaporates, it disappears slowly. For example: we saw his enthusiasm evaporating in a period of few days.
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Evaportion is the process by which water is converted from liquid to vapours. It is through evaporation that water is transported from land and oceans, lakes and seas to the atmosphere. Evaporation is largely dependant o three factors which are as follows:
1. Wind speed: The greater the wind speed the more evaporation will occur.
2.Temperature: The higher the temperature the greater the evaporation.
3. Humidity: The lower the humidity in the air, the more the evaporation.

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