What Is The Perceptual Process?


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The perceptual process is a sequence of steps that starts with the stimuli that happen in our surroundings and leads through nerve transmission through peripheral and central nerves and the brain to our perception of what is going on. It also includes our resulting action to the original stimulus.

So, the perceptual process involved when we go outside from a room with no windows on a rainy day is that the simulus from the environment - the fact that it is raining and cold and we are getting wet - is recognised by our senses. Our eyes, ears, cold receptors and touch receptors all send signals to the brain, which works out that its raining.

The cognitive process within the brain then comes up with the decision to go back inside and pick up a coat and an umbrella before we set out again. This is our response to the stimulus.
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The perpetual process involves:
1. Sensation
2. Selection
3. Organization
4. Translation

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