What Does Purl Mean In Knitting?


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In knitting terms the word Purl describes a kind of stitch that is formed in the reverse format. The form is considered as one of the basic stitches in knitting and is formed by pulling the loop of the yarn on which you are working and then you have to take it back through another existing stitch. The next step you have to take is to slip that stitch off the needle.

Sometimes the word can also be attributed to a kind of thread that is made of twisted gold or silver.

The word can trace its origin in the early years of the sixteenth century when a word 'pirl' was in use to convey the idea of twisting thread into a cord to create a design
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Purl means to bring your yarn to the front between your two knitting needles and enter the needle into the stitch from the right to left. When you knit the thread is always on the backside and you enter the stitch from the left to the right .This is for a right handed knitter.

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