What Does Positioning Mean?


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Positioning refers to an act of causing a thing to come to a position. It is the way of making something arrive or stand at a certain point or location.

The term "positioning" is extensively used in the marketing and advertising world. It is an important marketing strategy or advertising tactic whereby marketing think-tanks create an image or identity for the brand of product or service in such a way that it guarantees maximum revenue for the company and satisfaction for the consumers. A product's positioning is the way potential consumers or buyers (read target market) see the brand. For example, a brand of computer games will advertise itself in such a way to position itself in the minds of its target market that come in the age group of 15-30.

Positioning is also used to determine the precise placement of objects, especially in travel and navigation, for instance, a global positioning system.
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Positioning is one of the more misunderstood concepts in business-to-business (B2B) software marketing. Confusing matters further, there are two proper usages of the "positioning:"
1. How your company is situated relative to its competitors;
2. How your products and services are situated in the minds of customers and target audiences.
We help our clients with No. 2. Messages that Matter defines positioning as a mental space that you can "own" with an idea that has compelling meaning to the recipient. It's in this mental space where the product's most important benefit and the customer's most important need meet, and hopefully stick

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