What Does A Positive TB Test Mean?


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I am required to have a TB test every year for work and a positive test result means that you have been exposed to the bacteria, but not that you are infected with the disease. Your doctor will want you to have a chest x-ray to determine this.
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Means that you need to get a chest x-ray to make sure that its dormant. And if it is, thats good but you still need to take medication so it doesnt come back later in life when your immune is down. The medicine has about a 70% chance of getting rid of it all together! So I would for sure get treatment....  You never know when your immune may be weakened, like stress or pregnancy.
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You may have a disease in your lungs. You need to have further test done.
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Positive TB means that you have tuberculosis. There is a vaccine against this disease and it has been a key player in fighting the disease. Have a look at the link to find out more:
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I was tested positive for TB, but have no symptoms. I elected for no treatment since I am healthy and do not wish to take antibiotics.

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