What Does Perception Mean?


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Perception can be described as the way reality is seen by the individual. Perception can be accurate, partially accurate/ distorted or completely incorrect.  Someone's perception of anything can be influenced by various factors including previous experiences, education, maturity, emotional state and cultural, religious and personal biases.
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Perception means the act or even the method of perceiving. It is also known as the product of perceiving. In terms of psychology it refers to acknowledgment and explanation of sensory stimuli which generally falls on memory.

Perception is derived from the Middle English word percepcioun and also from the Old French word percepcion. In terms of psychology it refers to a kind of process of acquiring, interpreting, selecting, and organizing sensory information. The word perception is derived from the Latin word capere, which means "to take", the prefix per denotation "completely".

Some of the types of perception are Amodal perception, Colour perception, Depth perception, Form perception, Haptic perception, Speech perception and Perception as Interpretation
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Perception is the way a person sees and understands something.
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I can think of two types of perception: Physical, how we actually "see" or visualize something, or the angle from which we see something.  The second would be emotional: How we "see" or understand something, and it may differ from how another sees it, and both can be correct or not.
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The words sensation and perception  sound similar. But, they show very fine differences. Sensation is feeling something by our senses or mind. Perception is also a process or act of recognizing something through mind or senses. Though both the words sensation and perception mean sensing or perceiving something, sensation emphasizes the use of sensory organs and perception emphasizes the use of mind and intuition than the sensory organs.

Sensation is a faculty to perceive or a perception relating to stimulation of any sense organ. Perception could be sensation from sensory processes in the presence of a stimulus
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The way I know and understand perception is the way a person sees things. We perceive things, we experience, see, feel, and sometimes think about the things around us. That would be perceived or understood.

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