What Does Mutual Mean?


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Mutual means something which is shared by two or more people for instance 'Their mutual interests ran contrary to their contract' or 'He was their mutual friend'. It may mean something that two or more parties have in common. It could also denote some form of reciprocity that concerns two or more parties for instance 'mutual respect'.

In business jargon mutual is a kind of business enterprise wherein the owners of the company do business with the same company. In theory therefore it exists with the intention of providing its clients with the good service instead of its shareholders with the best possible returns in investment.

A mutual telephone network is one which was operated and owned by its policy holders rather than its stockholders. Mutual funds are those funds that are operated by an investment company which takes money from shareholders and then invests them in bonds, stocks and securities.
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I heard it in a hannah montana episode I was jus curious o_O

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