What Does Pernicious Anemia Mean?


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Pernicious anaemia is a type of an autoimmune anaemia. It directs the Antibodies against intrinsic factor or the parietal cells, these cells produce the intrinsic factor which is required for the absorption of Vitamin B12. Anaemia is a type of a blood cell deficiency; however there are many other cells in the body need vitamin B12 which includes Nerve cells. The term pernicious anaemia is used more loosely to include the non autoimmune, this also causes the vitamin B12 deficiency.

Blood testing shows a macrocytic, normochromic and also low levels of serum of vitamin B12. A Schilling test can also be used for finding out the difference between the pernicious anemia and the Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Symptoms of Pernicious Anemia include, abnormally rapid heart beat (Tachycardia), Weakness, Chest Pains, Shortness of Breath and feeling Numb with a tingling sensation in the extremities.

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