What Does Blinking Of Left Eye For Men Means?


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When someone blinks at you using only one of their eyes, this is called a wink and usually means that that person is trying to flirt with you. However this signal can also mean other things such as a friend sharing a private joke.

  • What can a wink mean?
A wink is an informal non verbal way of communicating and is accomplished by briefly closing one eye. The meaning of a wink can vary depending on the context.

A single wink to a person can mean that they have received a message or understood something that you have said when they are not able to verbally tell you.

Some modern cultures use the wink as a way of showing sexual interest or harmless flirting. During this situation, a wink can be followed by a flirty or shy smile from the receiver, if they approve of course.

A wink can also show that a person agrees with something being said. It is sort of like a more subtle "thumbs up". A person can often be seen winking to another if the latter is feeling nervous or uncomfortable as a way of telling them that everything is ok.

  • How to wink.
Winking doesn't come naturally to everyone; some people can do it straight away and some people can't. However that doesn't mean that you can't learn.

The best way to practice winking is to plant yourself in front of a mirror. Look straight at yourself and try closing one eye quickly. Pick whichever eye feels the most natural. If you are struggling then you could try holding one eye gently open and then closing the other quickly. Practice this until you can keep that eye open whilst winking with the other without the use of your hand.

Be sure to check yourself in the mirror before you try out your new talent on anyone else to make sure you aren't squinting or pulling any odd faces.

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