Will you please help me to find a good name for my male baby?


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A baby boy is a bundle of joy!  I hope that’s the case for you.

There are so many names - I don’t think I’d like to recommend any particular one but maybe I can give you a few ideas.

Whatever you choose  I don’t think its an exaggeration to say that its a very important choice!  Let’s have a look at some choices...

  1. Traditional

You could go along with the Royal Family and give your little boy a name (or in this case names) that means something to you. Prince William and Kate called their first born George Alexander Louis.

  • George - for  King George VI  the Queen’s father and for the patron saint of England, Saint George
  • Alexander  - the Queen’s middle name is Alexandra so this is the male version, also the name of 3 Scottish Kings
  • Louis - Prince William’s great-great-grandfather’s name and t the name of  17 Kings of France!

I hope he turns out to be special in his own right.

     2.       Fashionable

The top baby boys names in the UK are Harry, Oliver. Jack, Charlie, Jacob, Thomas, Alfie, Riley, William and James

When Simon Cowell went on the Ellen Show last year he told everyone he was calling his baby boy... Watch it here!

So - why did he change his mind?  I think that happens a lot. My son was going to be called Robert - and when he was born - you know what? He didn’t look like a Robert - so we called him Iain (after my dad)

     3.     Weird!

I would be a little cautious here, remembering that a very unusual name may seem good to you but your boy has to grow up living with it. 

Frank Zappa’s children’s names include, Diva Thin Muffin, Dweezil and Moon Unit! I bet they grow up loving him for that.

Personally - I’d always go with a name that isn’t going to date and so I suppose that means a bit traditional - but you should write your list of top 20 and repeat them over and over- which one sounds good to your ears?

He’ll thank you for a good one!

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Here's my favorites:

Timothy, alfie, Charlie, Eli, jake, Troy, Micha, Bentley, Drew, Christopher, Stephen, and, if you wanna get creative... I would go for Rio

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I think Lucas is a beautiful name!

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