How To Say God Bless In Japanese?


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'God Bless' can be translated as '神さまが守るように', pronounced as 'kami sama ga mamoru youni'. However, you can just say 'God bless' in Japanese, as most of them will understand. Hope it helps
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Shujing, I have this same question and your page came up on a google search.

I found "kami no kago" on a tattoo site.  But using google, I got: "tsuki no kami wa, anata wo shukufuku" (and if you want brother or sister thrown in - in place of "anata" its ani/otooto or ane/imooto respectively - older/younger)

Another site said that it was: "Kamisama no megumi"

Do you know which one is right? I'm in kendo and would like to step up my onigaishimasu to "God's blessings to you" when I leave an opponent.
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I think 'Kamisama no megumi' properly the better one, but its not often used in a conversation

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