What Does The Name 'Gillian' Mean?


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“Gillian” is a girl’s name, and has multiple origins, with each one having different meanings!

“Gillian” as an Irish Name
The Irish origins of “Gillian” suggest that the name means “youthful” or “young at heart”.

Girls called Gillian are thought to be inquisitive and carefree, although they can sometimes be a little naive, too.

“Gillian” as an English Name
The English origins of “Gillian” are quite different, but they’re still pretty positive! In English, the name “Gillian” means “Child of the Gods”.

This suggests that girls called Gillian are honest and pure of spirit, and will try to do the right thing whenever possible.

As an English name, “Gillian” has a male equivalent: “Julian”. This means “Jove’s child”. “Jove” is the Greek version of the Roman deity Jupiter.

What Other Things Can A Girl Called Gillian Call Herself?
  • Jill (which can also be written as “Gill”)
  • Jilly (occasionally written as “Gilly”)
  • Julie
  • Jules
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  • "Gillian" is a feminine name.
  • It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "youthful". It is an Anglicization of "Juliana".
  • "Gillian" has been a common name since the Middle Ages. It is often shortened to "Gill" or "Jill", and both are pronounced the same way.
  • The masculine form of "Gillian" is "Julian", which is of Greek origin and means "love's child".

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