What Does 'Mange' Mean?


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Mange is derived from the Middle English word manjeue, and laso from the Old French word manjue, from mangier, which means to eat. It is basically a kind of a chronic skin disease of mammals that is takes place due to parasitic mites. This is noticeable by skin lesions, itching, and loss of hair.

It is basically a parasitic plague of the skin of animals. The symptoms are as follows; hair loss and itching and inflammation, all of which are caused by infinitesimal mites. They are mostly seen among dogs and other canine animals. Even domestic and wild animals are bound to catch such an infection. The detection of mange as well as the treatment must require consultation and be treated by a veterinarian.
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All of the symptoms are there for mange plus m dog is in severe pain. Help me with my dog. He's thirteen years old and has helped me raise me raise my grandchildren. He's not a dog but family. Marvin hage

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