Define "Decision Making" And Mention The The Process Involved In It .


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A) Define the significant meaning of decision making process.
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decision making is the process of choosing what is right to the benefit of the organization not only to a single person. It is choosing the whats best for the group.

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Decision making is an important component of time-management. Decision-making means to make the choice from a given set of alternatives. Every decision has an inherent conflict present in it, which may make it difficult to go for the right choice. While making a decision, it is important to weigh the choices that you have in front of you and their probable consequences.

Here is a step by step technique for making a right decision:

1. Identify the need of your decision: Discern what has to be solved and why it has to be solved.
2. Gather data: Gather information about the problem.
3. Identify the parameters that can judge the alternatives: Once you find a problem, you may come with various alternatives. Find out what are the parameters or standards that an ideal decision should meet.
4. Brainstorm: Put pencil on paper, use the notepad on your computer and go through different ideas, solutions, and options to take care of the problem in a time-saving, cost-effective manner. When it is a decision, that involves matters of the heart, go through the choices that are accessible to you and find out which can be a win-win situation to you as well as the person who is creating the problem.
5. Evaluate each choice in terms of its consequences: Suppose you wanted to buy a cell-phone. You had set parameters (refer to point 3) like a 2 mega pixel camera, an MP3 player, blue tooth compatibility and FM radio. You had brainstormed or researched for some of the best mobile phones that can stand up well against the parameters. Let us say you have researched and narrowed down to 5 cell phones. Now is the time to evaluate each of them against the parameters.
6. Determine the best alternative: After weighing each of the cell phone against the relevant parameter, you will certainly find one cell phone which looks better than the rest. This is your best alternative.
7. Put the decision into action: Execute your decision. This is the most important part in the decision process. In other words, buy the phone! Ironically most ventures fail because the decision is not translated into action.
8. Assess the outcome of your decision and take suitable action: You can find if the cell phone brand that you've bought is indeed a good one. This can be understood by the kind of "feedback" that you get from your friends and people in general. This feedback can make you realize if you need an extra accessory to the phone or it looks good without any extra props

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