What Does Letting Mean In A Contract?


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'To let', basically means to rent or lease property to a lessee that is, the occupant or the tenant. For example, "Tom let a room to Harry at a very reasonable rent."

To let also refers to awarding a contract, such as the building of public facilities, to one amongst many bidders.

It simply means to lease out a particular piece of computer. To lease is simply to grant or permit one to use Realty for a certain compensation amount.

In a lease contract, the giving out of property for rent is basically called 'letting'.

A lease refers to a legal contract that provides one the right of ownership as well as the usage of an asset for a limited fixed period in return for financial payments. Here, the party that possesses the leased out property is the lessor in the bargain, and the party that is putting the property to use is the lessee.

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