I am writing a story and I need to know what name should I chose for a sexy bad boy? Asher, Maxwell, Griffin, Zander, Trey or Blade?


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Firstly, you can drop Maxwell and Griffin. I don't know if it's just me, but this is what I think of when I hear those names:

That leaves you with Asher, Zander, Trey or Blade...

I'm not sure about Asher, it's not a name that I've ever heard before... And it's a little to similar to that song Brimful of Asha by the band Cornershop...

It's a catchy song, but it's put me off the name Asher. Sorry!

I think we can also drop Zander.

In my opinion, names that start with a "Z" sound are best reserved for sci-fi... I can't think of too many characters that have a name starting with Z in popular culture anyway (Zorro?)

That means we're going to have to decide between Trey and Blade.

Although you might find Wesley Snipes sexy (and he's certainly a bad boy... He was recently convicted of tax evasion!) - I think the fact that the name Blade is already associated with a fictional character may work against you, because people will already have preconceptions.

It's also definitely a no-no if you plan to feature vampires in your story!

So I think Trey is the name you should go for.

I could imagine an Edward Cullen-type being called Trey, or the new bad-boy in school at the beginning of one of those Goosebumps books... Also, the drummer for punk band Greenday was called Tré Cool (Wow, Goosebumps and Greenday... Guess who grew up in the '90s!)

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