Any good boys names for a story I'm writing? I don't know much about him, but if it helps he's quite fit, tall-ish, loyal, protective?


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1. Patrick 2.Kyle 3.William 4.Scott 5.Jack 6. Corey 7. Collin 8. Tanner 9. Mitchell 10. Bryce
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Logan Jason, Nathan. Kyle, Chris , Nick?

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1.) Jason
2.) Shane..8)
3.) Markus
4.) Tommo
5) Tobias
6.) Jenson..8)
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You can put my name I don't have any problem... Check out my pic., by the way waht is the story about! Sounds intresting, all the best for yur writing, I was completed my 1st book but not published yet(due to some reason)! Hope you will publish it (may be , ot sure), anyway have a lovely day!

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