What Are The Key Features Of Modernization? Give Four Examples Of Modernization And Describe The Key Features In Each Example.


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Some of example of modernization would be the black and white TV’s to modernize color TV’s. Another would be range gas stove to modernized electric range, Typewriter to modernized computers; also general mail to modernized e-mail now days.
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Some of the features of modernization are that in a modern society, the norms for progression are based on achievement and merit; you become successful if you are worthy enough. There is social mobility in the country and people move around from one place to another for work, there are no clear limitations or boundaries, modern societies have well institutions like judiciary because these institutions have evolved over time, people do not believe in superstitions, people expect and are ready for change, due to better health facilities, people have longer life expectancy and they use un animate sources, that is, machines to do work.

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