What's The Difference Between A Nudge And A Noodge?


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A nudge is a gentle push- The Noodge is a rock star!!! (ted nugent)
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This was on seinfeld i think... I thought a nudge was(what you said) a gentle push to get someone to do something and a noodge was a pushy person/always putting their 2 cents in even when not asked.
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To be a noodge is to be a stinking liar, or a crook, or a shameless noodge, and a nudge is totally different. That is to add something to the end of a sentence, hinting that the person speaking is referring to something else. Hope this helps.
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A nudge is a push or a kind of bump to get someones attention. A noodge is person who's on the left side of being a nitwit.
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Awwww... C'mon... Don't any of you speak yiddish??  A noodge is a person who is an uber nag!!  This is a person who is constantly reminding that you need to SOMETHING that THEY find important.  

Noodge is a noun... Noodging is a verb.  


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