What Does The Saying "Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise" Mean?


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It could also be taken to mean that people who don't  think a lot or reason make silly statements about subjects they know little or nothing about.
Have you ever noticed the person in a group who seems to want to be heard above everyone else. The tend to talk loudly and want everyone to be impressed by what they have to say. Usually this sort of person has little of real value to add to a conversation but enjoy the attention they think they're getting.

Compare an 'empty head' with an empty container with a couple of stones in it. When it's rattled it makes a lot of noise.
Hence the saying empty vessels make the most noise. What it means in everyday language is that they haven't got a lot between their ears!
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"Silence is the best substitute for brains."
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This used to be a very common saying, and is still in use. Probably the group of people who use it most are teachers and parents dealing with noisy children, and trying to get them to be quiet. The idea that the more noise you make, the less intelligent you appear is one that comes up in a good many sayings. One of the clearest of these is "It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all possible doubt." Another is "You have one mouth and two ears for a reason."

The simplest of all, of course, is the old Victorian favourite, "Children should be seen and not heard." This is rarely used now except ironically, though with the current fashion for stricter child-rearing methods it may be due for a comeback soon.
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My teacher used to say this about the disruptive children in the class.
When you put something in an empty vessel it will make a lot of noise.
When you try put knowledge into a silly persons head, they will make a lot of noise.
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I feel it means that those who are "empty heads" make the most noise. Such people just want attention and so just keep blabbering
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It is a disparaging statement about blabber mouths. It means that they are empty headed but always giving their opinion.
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It means that only those who pretend to know makes the largest nois for example in class those who make the largest nois are those  sitting  behind. Another example is that when you take a Calabash and expose it to the wind it will make noise now take the same Calabash and put water inside it will not make noise
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The important is to know wetheir we are one of those empty vessels if we are we should try and fill ourself
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It is reference to people who boast and brag about every single detail in their lives that they find relevant. Example: Bragging about one's upcoming nuptials unfortunately looking for validation. When one is looking for constant validation on an upcoming event in their life something is seriously wrong. Huge Red FLAG!!!! Just an example, but it holds true, very true.

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