What Does The Symbol "Stand Strong, And Live Happy" Stand For?


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This phrase means, you should stand by your tough times, and must overcome it with confidence. You should never feel low, or dissapointed in your life. You should be bold and strong enough, to face all life challenges. So stay strong, is all what you should do.

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Hmmm... That's kinda hard I'd say...
Stand strong:-be strong if something happens don't turn into a emo or anything and the Live happy bit:-live life to its full, be happy and people around you will be happy 2 x
I don't really know but that's my idea
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You are not moved by anything and can endure all things for you are meant for victory, power to posses dominate and rule.That is what I can say
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Always stand by your morals and don't get consumed by the masses. In other words, do what you believe in and don't get lead by others. This way you will always be able to justify your actions without having to feel guilty (that is of course, as long as your morals are good).
A good gauge is to value your morals by the following;
1) Does it harm anyone?
2) Will it inconvenience good people?
3) Does it protect the vulnerable?
If the answer is yes to all the questions, then your morals are good and can an asset to you and those around you.

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