My 2 Older Sisters Say I Am A Spoiled Brat Because I Get Everything, And They Take It Out On Me And Blame Me? What Does That Mean, Why Do They Act Like That And Do That To Me?


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Sometimes younger children get more attention than their older brothers and sisters. Perhaps your parents have more money now than they did when your sisters were younger and can give you more.

I think that they are both a little bit jealous of the youngest in the family because you are still getting the attention they got when they were younger too.
Your parents will have made just as much fuss of them and love them just as much.
Talk to your parents and explain what's happening because they might not realise how left out your sisters are feeling.
Your eldest sister will have got a lot of attention when she was young as she was the first and she's feeling pushed out.
They say that middle children seem to feel left out as attention is given to younger children who come after them. Tell your sisters they are making you feel sad and try and get together as a family to sort this out and then you can enjoy the companionship of your sisters.
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Well your sisters think that a little girl like you gets every thing new and that you're your parents favourite. They only could think that because of their older thinking brains that you're your parents last baby and we should give her all the attention. If your sisters do think that then they will have the energy to want to take it on you and make it harder on your life cause they think its a perfect life and you wont mind if we ruin it a little!
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I'm an older sis. I have one little brother and one little sister. When my brother was a baby, I just always resented him, because my grandma was one of those classic old women who treated the youngest one best. And before, it was the same with my younger sister. I'm not as pushy as my younger sis, so I'm the one who ends up cleaning up the messes that aren't mine. Its hard to be the oldest, and I'm always jealous of how they don't have to worry about anyone except themselves. Now I'm not as jealous as much, but I still get mad. I just don't take it out on them....
It hard....
And then you get mad at your younger siblings cus they don't realize how lucky they are.
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They are more than likely feeling left out. Usualy the oldest children in a family do feel like the youngest gets all of the attention. This then makes them jealous and they will take it out on you.

You do seem to be in a no win situation but perhaps talk to your parents about how it is affecting you. Perhaps they do not realise what your sisters are thinking? Do your parents spend more time with you than your older sisters? If so then the answer should be that they spend more time with your sisters too to make things fair. Raising a family is never easy and unfortunately your sisters are most likely going to always feel like there is a difference int he way that your parents treat you inc omparison to them, even if it is not the case.

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